The Platform plan

You are a professional. It's time your software reflected that.

Piecing together spreadsheets works for a while...but lets face it: you need to scale. That is where we come in.

White Label Shopify App

Create response templates and automate responses for your subscribers.

Automated Billing

Build deeper customer relationships with personalised emails

Customer Control

Auto-extract details about subscribers from submitted information.

Customer Portals

Grow your business with custom domain names.

Printer Network Integration

Grow your business with custom domain names.

Frictionless Communication

Grow your business with custom domain names.

Automated billing for your customers.

There is so much that goes into billing for Print On Demand. Blank costs, print costs, shipping costs, the list goes on. As you scale, spreadsheets are impossible to keep up with when you have thousand of orders going all over the world daily. We keep track of it all and charge your customers automatically.

Shipping Options

There are multiple ways to charge for shipping. You do you.

Invoice Options

Charge for every order or generate and send an invoice whenever you like.

Customer Tiers

This is coming soon!

Integration into our community of enterprise print businesses.

We know day you are slammed with orders and the next you are calling old customers looking to fill your shifts. We can help with that.
Need more orders? Receive them directly from other users.
Swamped and need some help? Send those orders on through!

Dashboard and Order Management For Your Customers

Each of your customers has their own dashboard and can connect every selling channel they own.
Create products from right inside the dashboard
Showcase your catalog of available blank products to customize
The power to see and direct every order from every channel in one dashboard
Push created products to any channel
Sync preexisting listings quickly and easily
Your customer can edit orders right inside the order details page

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