The Production Workflow

The perfect production automation to complement our OMS.

Our barcode workflow helps you organize all of your items and orders, and brings complete automation to printing and shipping.

White Label Shopify App

Create response templates and automate responses for your subscribers.

Automated Billing

Build deeper customer relationships with personalised emails

Customer Control

Auto-extract details about subscribers from submitted information.

Customer Portals

Grow your business with custom domain names.

Printer Network Integration

Grow your business with custom domain names.

Frictionless Communication

Grow your business with custom domain names.
You do you

Batch items according to your production process

Want to do white DTG shirts first? Done. Want to do toddler sizes next? Sure! Let's batch all of those sublimation items now and download the images...everything is up to you!

Make picking a breeze

We organize items by color, size, and style. This means you will only pick out of the same bin once.

Item filters for full control

Batch by date, by order, by item type, image, print name it.

Only Pick what is in stock

We will alert you as you are making a batch if there are items out of stock.
The price is right

Pricing matrix for every situation and print method.

We know that each and every order is unique and needs to be priced accordingly. We have made this an easy process for both you and your customers.
Price based on our estimated thread counts for embroidery
Image color detection to correctly price out screen print jobs
Magic is in the air

Automated Printing For DTG

Have you ever wished your print operators could scan a barcode and it would magically print the right image? Your wish is our command!
We automatically process image sizes based on the item being printed on.
Print modes are automatically chosen based on the item that is being printed.
Our hot folder app sends print jobs to predefined folders for automatic printing.
We will let you know every placement that needs printed, so you don't miss a beat.

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