POD Platform

POD Platform

Your POD printing business is growing, and so are your needs. The POD Platform will give your clients the simple and professional setup they are looking for, and you will finally have a system to scale your business as far as you want to take it.

Direct Integrations

You name it, you will integrate with it. We even create your own Shopify app for you! It is 100% your brand and your direct integrations.

Complete Automation

From the moment an order is placed, every aspect is taken care of: purchase orders, image processing, barcode workflow, shipping, invoicing...yes...it's all there.

Branded Customer Portal

Onboarding your customers has never been easier. Clients can register, integrate stores, and sync their listings without needing anything from you. Your only job is to fulfill orders when they start flowing in.

Easily Make Order Changes

Order changes can be a nightmare. Last minute cancellations, size changes, image changes...I know this is your worst nightmare. Luckily, all of these changes are easily made by your customer without you even knowing about it.

Is the POD Platform right for your business?

Automatic Invoicing

With every new customer and every new order, the Excel spreadsheet gets harder and harder to manage. In the POD Platform, customers save a payment method that is used to charge the customer the moment an order is shipped...without any manual calculation needed!

Ready-To-Use Barcode Workflow

Batch your items based on your needs, and instantly start using the built-in tools for that batch, including the barcode labels.

Instant Image Processing

We will work with you to find the best solution for your printers. We are able to process images instantly based on the size and color of the garment and color of the production files (Even if you have never printed it before). This will save you time and allow you to easily bring in more help to print should you need it.

Automatic POs And Inventory

The moment you receive an order from one of your customers, the items are identified and added to a purchase order which you can then send directly to your distributor. Inventory is also automatically added and deducted as your items are received and shipped.

A Tribe Of Printers

We know that one of the biggest hurdles in this industry is having either not enough orders or more orders than you can handle. Now you can send and receive orders to any other POD Platform user with a click of a button.

Is the POD Platform right for your business?