Marketplace Integrations

Pull all of your orders into a single place, making it easy to keep track of everything you are doing.

Easy Product Mapping

Connect each variable from your listings to one of the products in our supplier catalog in minutes. No matter how complicated your variants are, you will be able to connect it to our our software.

Connect Print Images

When connecting listings to Riverr, you will be able to connect your PNG images for printing to the listings from the marketplace.

Get All The Info

When using marketplaces like Etsy, it is important to import everything, including personalizations, changes, and other timely information. Riverr brings it all in.

Fulfillment With A Click

Whenever you need a helping hand with fulfillment, we are here to help. After your listings are connected with Riverr, all it takes is the click of a button to start sending orders from that listing to Riverr to be fulfilled.

Know Your Numbers

Once all of your listings are added in the system and variants are connected, you will finally be able to know your numbers! Find trends in product types, see your shipping and product costs, and know your revenue and order numbers from every integration!

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