How do I configure and sync my Shopify listings?

There are a few steps you will need to take in order for your listings to be connected with our software.

  1. The first one is easy and quick: From the dashboard, find the “Integrations” tab on the menu bar and navigate to this page. Next, click on “Shopify” and authenticate the shop that you would like to connect with Riverr.
  2. After the authentication has finished, Riverr will begin to automatically import all of your listings from Shopify and display them on the “Listings” index page.
  3. Now you are ready to start syncing.  Click into each individual listing, and add all of the necessary information, including blank products, colors, sizes, and printing images.
  4. Once this is finished, your listing will now be synced.  This means that when an order comes in, it will be able to figure out which items the customer ordered, and what image they will want on the shirt.
  5. Check that the listing is synced by going to to the listings index page and checking for the green mark to the left of the listing image.  If it is there, it means that that listing is ready to go!