Easypost Integration

Why did we choose Easypost over all of the other shipping solutions on the market? Because it is awesome!

Other than that, though, we chose it for several other reasons:

  1. Its free. There are no monthly costs to use Easypost unless you are shipping over 50,000 packages per year. (Let’s face it, if you are hitting that number then paying a subscription fee will probably be the least of your concerns.)
  2. Its simple yet powerful. It integrates really well with Riverr, and contains all of the reports and in-depth information that we need to get our packages out. There isn’t a lot of extra fluff, which is good for minimizing errors and dependancies from features we don’t need.

Now that I’ve definitely sold you on Easypost (If you aren’t using it already), let’s dive into getting ourselves setup from their website and then taking our credentials to our integration.

1. Go to Easypost.com

2. Enter Your Information

3. Check your email and click on the verification link

4. From The Dashboard, Click on “API Keys”

This is almost painful how easy it is, am I right? Anyways, let’s keep moving.

5. Copy the “Production API Key”

6. Paste The Key In Riverr

From your Riverr dashboard, go to integrations. From here, you will see a card that is named “Easypost.” There is a button at the botton that says “API Key.” Click the button and paste your API key there.

Done. Thats it! Well kind of. Let’s talk a bit about billing before we finish up.

In the same dropdown that we found the API Key tab, you will find another tab that says “Billing.”

You will need to go to this page and enter some payment options.

A few things that we learned the hard way:

  1. The balance is like a wallet, and just like your wallet, you never want to let it go empty. If you do, then you will be done shipping packages until you replenish it.
  2. A note on replenishing: If you add a bank account, it will be several days until you are able to use funds from this source for the first time. Because of this, we recommend starting with a credit card (Which can be used instantly), and then switching to the bank account when it is ready.
  3. You can set replenish thresholds. So basically, when it gets down to a certain number, it will replenish with the amount that you set it to. Make sure you create these rules from the start.
  4. If you use a credit card, you could be charged an extra 3% fee.

Boom goes the dynamite!! You are done setting up your shipping solution. Good work!